Chester-based barbershop rebrands with sustainability in mind

This month we had the pleasure of working with FS Barbershop in Chester to give their brand a complete overhaul, with sustainable barbering as the motivation.

Originally established in 2018, FS barbershop made an impact on barbering in Chester by merging street and skate culture with the traditional ways of barbering.

The Covid-19 pandemic put things into perspective for them, getting them outdoor with nature more and reconnecting with the planet. It also highlighted the destruction we cause unknowingly and how nature can bounce back if given some space and a little care. 

“As a Barbershop, we have cleaned up our act to help better the future of mankind, little steps go a long way and the steps we have taken are the first in making our brand as environmentally friendly as physically possible! From vegan products to renewable energy, check the sustainability page to see the first steps we have made to make our barbershop kind to the planet we live on!”

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