Happy Birthday to us!

At the beginning of 2020, I found myself wondering why I hadn’t started my own little digital business, after years of it being my ultimate career goal.

Working for myself, finding my own clients and having a sign above my head had always seemed like it was years away, as if I had to go through the University Of Life first.

Just over five years ago I started my career as an apprentice, moved around different agencies, met new people, and never stopped learning. So, sat at my old desk, I thought to myself “What is stopping me?” – it turns out the answer was myself!

The weeks building up to my leaving date, I spent the evenings wracking my brain deciding on my business name and image, figuring out my first-year plan, and creating mood boards. Not to mention working a full time job and working every night on my soon-to-be new full time project.

Then, on the tenth day of February, 31 Digital was born and set in stone with a logo that we were (finally) happy with.

I’ve never looked back and regretted my choice to fly solo, especially when I’m surrounded by the most supportive friends, family and clients. Our first year has been amazing, despite us basically being a newborn business when the c-word first hit, and having a brief “Oh sh*t” moment when I realised I couldn’t rely on any furlough scheme.

Anyway, I’m off to crack on with work, eat my on-brand vegan donuts by Marshall’s Vegan Bakes, and enjoy the fact that not even a worldwide pandemic could ruin my first year as 31 Digital 🥂

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